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  • 地盾区
  • shield:    n. 1.盾;盾牌。 2.罩;屏;屏 ...
  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • area divine shield:    区域神圣护盾; 神圣护盾


  1. Some regions, such as the great shield areas of north america and europe, are virtually free of devastating earthquakes .
  2. Shielding area optimization under the solution of interconnect crosstalk
  3. Rocks , trees and lakes abound in the canadian shield area of ontario
  4. And it was found that in the embryonic shield area where convergence movements happening most extensively , cells " cortex were most highly stained
  5. It is found : ( 1 ) when the current direction is close to that of the line through the two caissons ' centers , the current speed within the area between the double caissons apparently decreases ; ( 2 ) sea ice ride - up and pile - up against the outer side of the caissons are similar to that against single caisson , and sea ice ride - up and pile - up are determnined by the sea ice velocity , sea ice thickness , tide and the storm set up ; ( 3 ) when locate two caissons , the tops of the two caissons in the shield area are no ice covered
    研究发现: ( 1 )当海流流向与双沉箱的中心连线相近时,双沉箱对峙区的流速明显减小; ( 2 )双沉箱外侧区域的海冰爬升和堆积与单沉箱时基本相同,其爬升和堆积与海冰的速度和厚度、天文潮高等有关; ( 3 )双沉箱设置时,对海冰爬升和堆积会起到有效的屏蔽作用,对峙区内的双沉箱顶上不再有海冰堆积。

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