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  • 盾剑饰(爱奥尼克柱头等)
  • shield:    n. 1.盾;盾牌。 2.罩;屏;屏 ...
  • sword:    n. 1.剑,刀;〔军俚〕刺刀。 2 ...
  • sword and shield:    剑与盾


  1. The shields and swords that hung on the walls rattled against each other .
  2. To make spear and shield and sword as much a part of me as my own beating heart
  3. The sons of reuben and the gadites and the half - tribe of manasseh , consisting of valiant men , men who bore shield and sword and shot with bow and were skillful in battle , were 44 , 760 , who went to war
    代上5 : 18流便人、迦得人、和玛拿西半支派的人、能拿盾牌和刀剑、拉弓射箭、出征善战的勇士、共有四万四千七百六十名。
  4. The children of reuben and the gadites and half the tribe of manasseh were among the valiant men , men who carried shield and sword , and drew the bow and were skillful in war - forty - four thousand seven hundred sixty ready for war

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