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  1. Results : a fragment of 896bp was got by rt - pcr , which contains the coding sequence of sh2 a gene
    结果rt pcr扩增得到sh基因编码序列, genbank登录号为ay190323 ;连接到pcdna3
  2. The effect of sh2a gene in cell signal transduction : sh2a is a novel member of sh2 signaling protein family
    讨论一3h基因对细胞信号转导的影响sh基因是sh 。信号蛋白家族成员之一。
  3. They play an important role in signal transductions by tyrosine protein kinase . sh2 domain is considered as " protein recognize
    结构域视为”蛋白质识别密码” ,表示它控制和预测蛋白质一蛋白质的相互作用。
  4. So , we analysed its characterization . it consists of 2 . 8kb cdna with 1362bp orf and codes 454 amino acids with only a sh2 domain
    8kb ,由9个外显子和8个内含子组成,编码的蛋白质有454个氨基酸,含有一个sh 。
  5. Sh2 domain can specifically recognize phosphated tyrosine residue , and mediate receptor tyrosine protein kinase signal transduction
    Shz结构域可以特异性识别磷酸化酪氨酸短序列,介导受体酪氨酸蛋白激酶信号转? 2 ?导途径。

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