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SET =safe electronic transaction 安全电子交易〔指用信用卡通过因特网支付款项的商业交易〕。n.
(set; setting)
1.放;搁;贴;靠。 set a cup on the table 把杯子放在桌上。 set it against the wall 把它靠在墙上。 set eyes on 注视;碰见。
  • a set:    一局; 一套;一副
  • a set of:    套/组/副; 一串; 一套,一副; ...
  • be set in:    以…为背景/场景
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  1. We have also tried to set an example for others .
  2. He moved to leeds and set up as a printer .
  3. Leadership means setting an example .
  4. Barbicane was the first to set foot on dock .
  5. They set up a bronze statue to his memory .

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