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  • 血清分型
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  1. Isolates from blood and cerebrospinal fluid specimens serotyping results of
  2. Serotyping results of streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from blood and cerebrospinal fluid specimens
  3. Correlation between anti - interferon antibodies and serotyping with theraputic effects of peg - interferon alpha - 2a in chronic hepatitis c
  4. Wang sp , grayston jt . serotyping of chlamydial trachomatis by indirect fluorescent - antibody staining of inclusions in cell culture with monoclonal antibodies [ j ] . j clin microbiology , 1991 , 29 : 1295
    余加林,吴仕孝.连接酶链反应在沙眼衣原体感染诊断中的应用[ j ] .重庆医科大学学报, 1996 , 21 : 409
  5. Isolates from blood and cerebrospinal fluid specimens the microbiology division of the public health laboratory services branch phlsb receives referrals from various laboratories in hong kong for serotyping of

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