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  • secondary:    adj. 1.第二(位)的,第二次的 ...
  • active:    adj. 1.活动的,有活动力的;【 ...
  • transport:    vt. 1.运输,运送,输送。 2. ...
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  1. Pcr analysis indicated that all lines had been integrated of ssmapkk . northern analysis revealed the presence of expression of ssmapkk mrna in transgenic lines . in principle , ssvp overexpression can increase proton electrochemical gradients across the vacuolar membranes , which permit the secondary active transport of na + and solute molecules
    理论上, ssop的过量表达可增加转基因植株细胞跨液泡膜的质子电化学梯度,为次级转运提供驱动力,从而增加可溶性物质和na十向液泡内的转运,提高转基因植株的抗旱和抗盐性。

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