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  • [网络] 暴露;衣着暴露;清凉
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  1. a ships sinks, and there's all these scantily clad sailors around
  2. in the group were two young mothers, each holding a scantily clad baby wearing only thin cotton pajamas in the cold winter night
  3. to research " bunny's tale " steinem worked for 3 weeks as a playboy bunny-a scantily clad waitress in a men's club
  4. more than 44 percent of women are overweight in rio dejaneiro, where scantily clad females de during carnival and onbeaches, anational survey by the health ministry showed
  5. seoul ( reuters )-south korean carmakers plan to cut down on the number of scantily clad models at the seoul motor show hoping people will look at the cars instead

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