saw back meaning in Chinese

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  • 锯齿形山脊
  • saw:    n. 1.锯,锯机。 2. 【动物; ...
  • back:    n. 1.背,背部;背脊;背面,反面 ...
  • back saw:    短把手锯; 脊锯; 夹背锯; 镶边手 ...
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  1. As you can see back in
  2. Huh , see back in the days before niggas like me there was niggas like you infuriating my crew
  3. Now assume that your server receives the document literal soap message that you saw back in
  4. Valid for 3 years , application fee : $ hk30 ( free for monks & staff ) . details see back of the application form
    有效期3年,手续费港币30元(出家众及本苑职员免费) 。申办手续详见图书证申请表背页。
  5. With some capesize rates just shy of the all - time record high seen back in december 2004 , it is worth examining again the causes behind these phenomenal rates

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