saw a wolf meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "saw a wolf" in a sentence
  • of the wolf:    狼的
  • wolf:    n. (pl. wolves ) 1 ...
  • saw:    saw1 see 的过去式。 n. ...
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  1. boy : oh, i just wanted to show the sheep how you'd come running if i, if i saw a wolf
  2. many people said it was a lifetime experience seeing a wolf in the wild in yellowstone
  3. "one day the young shepherd told the count s steward that he had seen a wolf come out of the sabine mountains, and prowl around his flock
  4. the count and semyon galloped out of the bushes, and on their left they saw a wolf . with a soft, rolling gait it moved at a slow amble further to their left into the very thicket in which they had been standing

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