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[ 'sæləri ] Pronunciation:   "salary" in a sentence   "salary" meaning
  • n.
    薪水,薪金,薪俸。 ★ salary 指公职人员、职员等拿按年、按月计算的“年薪”或“月薪”。 工人等拿的“工资”叫做 wages 一般按日、按时或按件计算。 a salary man领薪族(=a salaried man)。 draw one's salary 领薪水。vt.
    (-ried) 〔常用被动语态〕发…薪水,付…薪水。
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  1. He gets commission on top of his salary .
  2. 20000 is a very respectable salary .
  3. The salary they pay me is none too high .
  4. The boss grudgingly raised my salary .
  5. Your monthly salary amounts to $1500.

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