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  1. To stephen : the problem of the sacerdotal integrity of jesus circumcised 1st january , holiday of obligation to hear mass and abstain from unnecessary servile work and the problem as to whether the divine prepuce , the carnal bridal ring of the holy roman catholic apostolic church , conserved in calcata , were deserving of simple hyperduly or of the fourth degree of latria accorded to the abscission of such divine excrescences as hair and toenails
    斯蒂芬:受割礼的耶稣作为圣职者是否毫无缺陷的问题一月一日乃是圣日,应该望弥撒,不得从事不必要的世俗劳动186 。还有如何对待保存在卡尔卡塔的神圣罗马天主教使徒教会的肉体结婚戒指神圣的包皮问题。

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