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  1. Results saccate autotransplants were found in twenty - one rats , all of which were embedded in the peripheral tissues
  2. It is mainly characterized in the triangular - lanceolate leaves which are green but white with dark green reticulation along the midrib and more or less truncate at base ; the flowers are erect on the rachis and half - opened ; the lip is tripartite , glabrous , more or less urceolate in side view ; the hypochile is saccate , ovoid and big while the epichile is relatively tiny , reflexed , undivided and transversely oblong or subreniform
    本种之主要特征为: ?呈三角?披针形, ?面?色,沿中?有白色斑块, ?基多少呈截形;花直?于花轴,半张;唇瓣呈三段? ,平?无毛,侧视时多少呈壶型;基段片囊? , ?形,巨大,先段片相对微小、反卷, ?再细?而呈横向椭圆形。

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