sabotage meaning in Chinese

[ 'sæbətɑ:ʒ, -tidʒ ] Pronunciation:   "sabotage" in a sentence
  • n.
    怠工;(劳资纠纷、战争中的)胡乱破坏。 engage in sabotage 从事破坏。vt.,vi.
    (对…)怠工 (on); 破坏,阻挠。 sabotage peace 破坏和平。
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  1. He said he could not put up with such internal sabotage any longer .
  2. But a suspicion of sabotage would emerge quickly and later be proven true .
  3. It is clear to me now that sammy tyler is trying to sabotage the contract negotiations .
  4. The railway lines into russia, carrying vital military supplies, were key targets for german sabotage .
  5. He was sure the agent was a sleeper, probably for sabotage in the event of an international crisis .

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