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  1. Adaptive mesh generation and simulation of apfsds and sabots
  2. Apfsds armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot
  3. Picks the right weapon to use against the enemy . don ' t waste sabot rounds on infantry targets , for example
  4. Using fluent software , calculate the aerodynamic parameter of projectile and sabot . 3 ) . according to motion equations of sabot and parameter obtained above , calculate and analysis flying motion variety of sabot
    3 )利用fluent软件计算得出的弹托气动力参数,运用弹托的运动方程,计算并分析30mm脱壳穿甲弹的弹托飞行运动变化规徘。
  5. For the rod penetrators used for 30mm naval gun , the structures , the ballistic performance , the penetration and their design are studied systematically . in the paper , the reasonable design of sabot and projectile core is presented and the influence of various factors on ballistic performance of rod penetrators is analyzed . additionally , the optimum design techniques in exterior ballistics for the small caliber fin - stabilized and sabot discarded penetrators are developed

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