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  1. The reconstruction algorithm of piecewise smooth surface based on doo sabin subdivision
  2. My thanks to miles sabin for pointing me at the proc filesystem to resolve problems with chroot ing java on multiprocessor systems
    我要感谢miles sabin向我指出了/ proc文件系统,来解决在多处理器系统上chroot java的问题。
  3. Sabin believed that live vaccines , which can replicate somewhat but are too weak to trigger disease , best mimic the protection acquired through natural infection
  4. 15 doo d , sabin m . analysis of the behavior of recursive division surfaces near extraordinary points . computer aided design , 1978 , 10 : 356 - 360 . 16 zorin d , schr " oder p . subdivision for modeling and animation
  5. Although different approaches to vaccines have been considered ? human versus animal strains , live versus killed viruses , whole virus or protein subunits ? rotavirus researchers followed the lead of albert sabin , creator of the oral poliomyelitis vaccine

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