s swing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "s swing" in a sentence
  • 挥杆
  • s:     the collar o ...
  • swing:    vi. 1.摆动,摇摆,摇动,挥动, ...
  • no swing:    短击球
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  1. Jeff , what do you think ? let ' s swing around and do the other side
  2. However , swt suffers from its rather low level of interoperability with java s swing gui widgets
    然而, swt与java的swing gui小窗口之间的互操作性程度相当低,这一点对swt影响很大。
  3. Enough to nearly cover her in - laws barn , submerge her son ' s swing set and block the view from her first floor windows
  4. But perl s tk gui interface toolkit compares favorably to java s swing gui libraries , and java code can always be linked to a perl program , and vice versa
  5. Taking yangtian cxq3090 dump trucks as an example , this paper makes a detailed analysis on the situation of liquid - press oil - jar ' s swing angle and draws a diagram of curves to show the relationship of and according to the computer ' s data processing results

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