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  • 恩格尔系数
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  1. Changes of engel ' s coefficients and scales of inhabitants consuming levels
  2. Poisson ' s coefficient
  3. Kutta ' s coefficient
  4. Based on the research and design of serial virtual instrument , a concrete example - train brake " s coefficient of friction detecting system , is introduced in aspect of its all parts working principle and its virtual instrument realizing method
    在串行口虚拟仪器系统的研究与设计基础之上,本论文介绍了一应用实例? ?火车闸片摩擦系数测试系统。介绍了该系统各部分的工作原理以及虚拟仪器的实现方法。
  5. Through discussing every term ' s coefficient of a ; ( a ) , the general two points " linear algebra boundary conditions are turned into eight element typies , eight corresponding entire functions u ( ) deciding eigenvalue and their asymptotic estimations on the corresponding circuits are gotten
    根据( )各项系数的不同情况,将一般两点边界条件分为八种基本类型,并得到相应的八个决定特征值的整函数( )和它们在相应围道上的渐近估计。

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