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  • s酸
  • s:     the collar o ...
  • acid:    adj. 1.酸味的。 2.【化学】 ...
  • s-acid:    1-氨基-8-萘酚-4-磺酸; s酸
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  1. Marshall ' s acid
  2. Manufacturer of dye intermediates in india . products include aniline derivatives , dahl s acid , and dichlorophen
  3. Guangzhou city would be inundated before 2050 ? what ' s the kyoto protocol ? what ' s acid rain ? why guangzhou ' s weather is often so smoggy ? what ' s the worst pollution you dislike
  4. As an important blood biochemical index , the concentration of in blood serum , which is carbon dioxide combinability , reflects on the metabolism enginery activity . it can be used in judging the clinic patient ' s acid - alkali balance and electrolyte foul - up
    <中文摘要> =血清中浓度即二氧化碳结合力,是血生化中一项重要指标,反映了新陈代谢机能活动,可用于判断临床病人酸碱平衡和电解质紊乱。

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