rural-urban fringe meaning in Chinese

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  • 城乡接壤地带
  • 市郊边缘
  • rural:    adj. 乡下的,农村(风味)的 ( ...
  • urban:    adj. 1.城市的,在城市里的,住 ...
  • fringe:    n. 1.(地毯等的)穗,须边,流苏 ...
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  1. The discussion of administration on the rural - urban fringe
  2. A research on the development of the rural - urban fringe ' rural economy of the western major city proper
  3. The rural - urban fringe is an area which is situated between city and countryside and has transitional characteristics of city and countryside . so the country in it is a sort of special one
  4. This thesis is divided into five parts : part one makes a demarcation line on the rural - urban fringe of chongqing ' s major city proper and gives an explanation on the overall features
  5. Dealing with the problems of rural - urban fringe and city culture construction , it is necessary route and premise guarantee to realize the development target of modern internationalism city

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