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  • royalty:    n. 1.为王;王位;王德,王威;王 ...
  • income:    n. (定期)收入,所得,收益。 a ...
  • accrued royalty:    已产出油气的矿区使用费
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  1. Revising provisions relating to royalty income
  2. Actually , kopalski took such heavy advances on the royalty income
  3. B revise the provisions relating to royalty income , in the light of a ruling of the court of final appeal
  4. After receiving the royalty income , f had paid 93 % of the royalty income to r investments for the right to exploit the brand name
    收到特许权使用费所得后, f公司支付93的特许权使用费所得给r投资公司。
  5. Withholding rates of taxes on investment income of dividend and interest , and on royalties income in belgium will be lowered as provided for under the agreement

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