round down meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "round down" in a sentence
  • 不进位舍入
  • 松放
  • 松开上下滑车
  • 下舍入
  • round:    vi.,vt. 〔古语〕低声讲,悄悄 ...
  • down:     down3 n. 1.( ...
  • down round:    筹资首轮; 估值较低的一次融资


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  1. The process of truncating is called rounding down .
  2. A charge of 1.90 will be rounded up to 2 , and one of 3.10 rounded down to 3 .
  3. The prices of the goods have been rounded down
  4. But in the game all numbers are rounded down to integral numbers
  5. Round down each of the following numbers correct to the nearest value given in the brackets

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