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  • n.
    火箭;火箭弹,火箭发动机;火箭式投射器;〔英俚〕斥责。 a carrier [freight] rocket 载运火箭。 an antitank rocket 反坦克火箭。 a moon rocket 月球火箭。 an outer-space rocket 外层空间宇宙[外太空]火箭。 a photon rocket 光子火箭。 a sounding rocket 探测火箭。 a rocket signal 火箭信号。vt.
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  1. The satellite was launched in a rocket .
  2. Another rocket blasts off toward space .
  3. Space rockets are being sent up all the time .
  4. The rocket lifted off from its launching pad .
  5. The rockets were relatively inaccurate .

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