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  • 依赖于rna的rna聚合酶
  • rna:    RNA =ribonucleic a ...
  • dependent:    adj. 1.依靠的,依赖的。 2. ...
  • polymerase:    n. 【生物化学】聚合酶。
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  1. Hcv ns5b protein is encoded by ns5b gene , an rna - dependent rna polymerase that is responsible for the viral rna synthesis . due to no corresponding enzymes in the host cell and the importance of ns5b protein in the replication , ns5b protein has been regarded as an ideal target of anti - hcv infection
    Hcvns5b基因编码的ns5b蛋白,具有rna依赖的rna聚合酶活性( rdrp ) ,是基因组复制的关键酶。出于ns5b蛋白在hcv基因组复制中的重要作用和宿主细胞中缺乏具有类似功能的相应酶类, ns5b蛋白是抗hcv研究中的理想靶位。
  2. The ns5 protein of dengue virus is the largest molecule encoded by the virus genome with a molecule weight of 104 000 . recent research work indicates that the ns5 protein acts as the rna - dependent rna polymerase ( rdrp ) in virus which has the ability to recognize and bind its template rna to synthesize a complementary strand
    近年来的研究表明, ns5蛋白具有rna依赖的rna聚合酶( rdrp )功能,即可以识别具有相对特异性的模板rna并与之结合,合成与模板互补的rna链,在病毒基因组复制过程中起关键作用。

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