rigid endoscope meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "rigid endoscope" in a sentence
  • rigid:    adj. 1.坚硬的,强直的,硬性的 ...
  • endoscope:    n. 【医学】内窥镜,内诊镜。
  • rigid a:    刚性的
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  1. Optics and photonics - medical endoscopes and endotherapy devices - determination of optical resolution of rigid endoscopes with optics
  2. A gardenesque company covering a area of 20000 square meters which lies beside the beautiful fuchun river , is a top - ranking high and new technology enterprise in china specializing in developing manufacturing and selling rigid endoscopes medical instruments and various medical accessories . our product line cover with e . n . t urology gynaecology orthopaedics and so on . being made of superior materials , optcla endoscopes are characterized by beautiful appearance wide angle clear image safe and durable function , and received a high reputation by many authoritative experts in the world

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