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  • rigid:    adj. 1.坚硬的,强直的,硬性的 ...
  • body:    n. 1.身体,体躯,肉体;尸首;躯 ...
  • motion:    n. 1.运动,动,移动(opp. ...
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  1. Newton ' s laws , concepts of momentum , energy , angular momentum , rigid body motion , and non - inertial systems
  2. According to the principle of the rigid body motioning , the theory composed the bending by the two principal axis and the rotation around the shear center to a rotation around a new point
  3. We give a brief but systematic introduction to differentiable geometry and lie group , lie algebra . rigid body motion expressed with the notations from these theories is also introduced . they are the theoretical bases of the subsequent research contents
    2 、基本成体系地介绍了微分几何中的李群、李代数理论,并分析其表达刚体运动的作用,为本文的研究打下基础。
  4. On the one hand , the linear interpolation in ( x , y ) plane makes it easy to separate the three - dimensional null subspace corresponding to rigid body motions , hence what is left to do is just to compute the inverse of a symmetric definite submatrix numerically . in this way the numerical difficulty in computing general inverse can be avoided

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