right abdomen meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "right abdomen" in a sentence
  • 右侧腹部
  • right:    adj. 1.右,右方的,右侧的,右 ...
  • abdomen:    n. 腹,下腹部;【虫类】腹部。
  • right lower abdomen:    右下腹部
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  1. Sonography showed an elongated tubular structure over the right abdomen
  2. This case illustrates retrocecal appendicitis should be considered as one of the differential diagnoses for earlier surgical intervention if a patient exhibits such atypical clinical manifestations accompanied with an elongated tubule structure of the right abdomen by sonography
  3. Additional , still have large intestine cancer , especially right half colonic cancer , often have the appearance that constipation and diarrhoea appear alternately , test of defecate concealed blood lasts electropositive ( demonstrative far end is colonic have haemorrhage ) , some can touch in right abdomen reach bump , accompany have tenderness , constant fallibility examine is wrapped for appendix piece
    另外,还有大肠癌,非凡是右半结肠癌,常有便秘和腹泻交替出现的现象,大便隐血试验持续阳性(说明远端结肠有出血) ,有的在右腹部可扪及肿块,并伴有压痛,常易误诊为阑尾包块。

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