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  1. I am waiting to see , your majesty , kutuzov answered , bowing reverentially
  2. He has obviously taken a shine to the team colors , speaking reverentially about the uniform top
  3. Balashov was some ten yards from this majestically theatrical figure in bracelets , feathers , necklaces , and gold , when julner , the french colonel , whispered to him reverentially , the king of naples ! it was in fact murat , who was now styled the king of naples . though it was utterly incomprehensible that he should be the king of naples , he was addressed by that title , and was himself persuaded of his royal position , and consequently behaved with an air of greater solemnity and dignity than heretofore
  4. With a rapid glance , scanning all the persons in the room , and observing the counts spiritual adviser , she did not precisely bow down , but seemed somehow suddenly to shrink in stature , and with a tripping amble swam up to the priest and reverentially received a blessing first from one and then from another ecclesiastic

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