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[ ri'vendʒ ] Pronunciation:   "revenge" in a sentence   "revenge" meaning
  • n.
    报仇,雪恨;仇恨;报仇[报复]的机会;【运】雪耻赛(的机会)。 counter-attack in revenge 反攻倒算。 give sb. his revenge 给输方一个雪耻赛的机会。 get revenge 报仇。 have [take] one's revenge 复仇,报仇。 in revenge of [for] 为报复…而。 meditate revenge 企图报仇。 seek one's revenge (up) on 找机会向+More...
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  1. He determined to revenge his dead brother .
  2. The murderer was actuated by revenge .
  3. They revenged their late lord upon his enemy .
  4. This riot was designed to revenge .
  5. They 've had their revenge more or less .

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