retur meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "retur" in a sentence
  • 退回;退出;报酬;税单
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  1. You must give me the chance to retur your kindne whe you visit here
  2. Review and prospect studies on private rates of retur to education in china
  3. Reference : i would say that this type of investment will yield fat economic retur for both parties in our partnership
  4. China is known for her ma ive land , abundant natural resources , cheap labor , low taxation , potential co umer market , stable social environment , attractive investment policies , and high economic retur of investment
  5. The second privilege is that you will learn current financial analysis from our expert as follows : the retur of each deposit combinatio the comparison between various kinds of loan interests payment and deposit retur analysis of stock investment retur and risk analysis of bonds investment retur and risk the move in foreign exchange rate , etc

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