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  • n.
    地租;房租;〔美国〕(一般的)租借;租金,租费;〔口、美〕出租地;出租房屋。 for rent 〔美国〕出租的。 For R- 招租〔广告用语〕。 vt.
    付地租[房租等];租用,把…租给某人 (to) 向…租入 (from), 向某人收租。 rent one's tenants low 向租户收低价租金。vi.
    出租。 This apartment rents cheaply. 这套公寓房间租价便宜。 rent(-)a(-)crowd[mob] (出于闹事等+More...
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  1. The crown derived rents and other revenue .
  2. Infants were rent from their mother 's arms .
  3. Her heart was rent by conflicting emotions .
  4. She smote her breast and rent her garments .
  5. Do you own or rent your video ?

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