reminds me again meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "reminds me again" in a sentence
  • 再一次提醒我
  • remind:    vt. 使想起,使记起,提醒 (of ...
  • me:    pron. 1.〔I 的宾格〕我〔把 ...
  • again:    adv. 1.又,再;再一次;加一倍 ...
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  1. Will you remind me again why we brought him
  2. Please remind me again nearer to the time of the interview
  3. Outside . remind me again , where is that exactly
  4. Outside . . . remind me again , where is that exactly
    外面… …再给我形容一下吧外面是什么样的?
  5. Remind me again how i did it

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