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  • adj.
    (-ier; -iest)
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  1. He spoke with a reedy , quavering voice
  2. Reedy freckled soprano . cheeseparing nose
  3. Its lowest notes are dark and reedy , while its middle notes are soft and empty , and its upper notes are rich and expressive
  4. She had been looking all round her again - at the lawn , the great trees , the reedy , silvery thames , the beautiful old house
    她又向周围的一切- -那草坪,那大树,那芦苇丛生,银光闪闪的泰晤士河,那美丽古老的住宅,打量了一遍。
  5. Mostly broad plains ; reedy marshes along iranian border in south with large flooded areas ; mountains along borders with iran and turkey

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