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  1. starting from the collins formula, a recurrence equation of hermite-cosine-gaussian ( hcg ) beams propagating through a paraxial abcd system with a hard-edged aperture is derived, from which the analytical propagation expressions for apertured hcg beams of any order can be derived by using the recursive algorithm
  2. based on the theory of stochastic finite element, the structural parameters of frame-shear structure including stiffness and mass and damping are simulated to be stochastic variables . by solving recurrence equation of stochastic finite element, the duration curve of mean value and standard deviation of seismic response can be obtained for every floor of frame-shear structure . an analysis is thus given to the effects of independent variation and simultaneous variation of structural parameters on the seismic dynamic response of frame-shear structure . as shown by the results, with regard to frame-shear structure, the effect of variation of strucural parameters on the change of mean value are chiefly the increase of standard deviation of response . variation of stiffness will cause the response of frame-shear structure to variate greatly; variation of mass shows less effect; and variation of damping shows insignificant effect . the effects of simultaneous variation of various structral parametres on seismic response are only slightly greater than the effect of stiffness variation alone

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