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  • 侦察飞机
  • 侦察机


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  1. The russian air force is slated to lose squadrons of bombers , fighters and reconnaissance aircraft
  2. Once the allies dropped one ton of bombs on normandy , two tons of bombs would be dropped on calais ; if one reconnaissance aircraft was sent to normandy , two would be sent to calais
  3. Designs and manufactures helicopters , and reconnaissance aircraft , also manufactures fixed - wing surveillance aircraft . has been an aerospace subcontractor to the u . s . government and the aerospace industry for over 50 years
  4. New delhi : in a remarkable act of long - range maritime snooping , navy ' s reconnaissance aircraft and spy drones detected , tracked and photographed a spanking new chinese destroyer and a tanker traversing through the indian ocean region this weekend
  5. E were described . with reconnaissance aircraft reports ( terminated from august 1987 onwards ) and satellite pictures facilitating the tracking of tropical cyclones over the otherwise data - sparse ocean , the eastern boundary of the area of coverage was extended from 160

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