reconfirm the flight meaning in Chinese

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  • 再次确认航班


  1. I didn ' t see any of my luggage on the carousel , so i reconfirmed the flight number with a ground staff at the airport
    (我没看到任何一件我的行李在输送带上,所以我跟机场的一位地勤人员再确认一次班机号码。 )
  2. Ms . chen , i ' ve reconfirmed the flight cz351 from can to singapore and departure time is 1910 . please arrive at the airport 2 hours earlier and hope you have a nice trip
    (陈女士,我已经帮你确认好了这位客人从广州到新加坡的cz351航班,起飞时间是1910 ,请提前两个小时到达机场,现在已经没有问题了。 )

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