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  • 理性主体
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  1. You have now installed rational agent controller
    现在您已经安装好了rational agent controller 。
  2. When the behaviors and utility functions of the firm owner and the auditor are described , the rational agent characteristic should be applied as a basic assumption
  3. To close the installer and return to the launchpad where you may install the rational agent controller , either now or at a later time
    ,关闭安装程序并返回launchpad ,在这里您可以安装rational agent controller ,可以现在安装,也可以稍后再安装。
  4. You then need to start the browser manually and set the proxy settings correctly so that it sends information through the ibm rational agent controller
    接下来,您需要手动启动浏览器并且正确设定代理设定,这样它才能透过ibm rational agent controller发送信息。
  5. That is a big “ if ” . economists frequently explain eccentric behaviour with a model of two rational agents in one body , battling to outwit each other
    这是一个巨大的“如果” 。经济学家经常用一种模型来解释古怪的行为,即一个主体内有两个理性行动者,它们争着显示自己比对方高明。

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