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  • 热流动率
  • 热流率热流量
  • 热流速度
  • 热流速率
  • rate:    vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ret.
  • heat:    n. 1.热;热力;热度;热量。 2 ...
  • flow:    vi. 1.流,流动。 2.(血液等 ...
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  1. The rate of heat flow between any two points increases with difference of temperature .
  2. With the developments of very large scale integration ( vlsi ) and high - speed large computers , the specific rate of heat flow increases rapidly
    随着随着超大规模集成电路( vlsi )和高速大型电子计算机的发展,集成电路和计算机内的热流密度很快地增加。
  3. Effective forms of multi - layer insulation ca n ' t be gotten unless the temperature and the rate of heat flow in insulation layers , especially in the boundary of insulation layers can be calculated

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