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  • 倍增时间
  • 长大速率
  • 生长率
  • 生长速度
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  • rate:    vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ret.
  • growth:    n. 1.生长,成长,发育,发展。 ...
  • growth rate:    生长率,增长率。
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  1. The sheer rate of growth of content has already been noted .
  2. The rates of growth of births and deaths will depend a number of factors .
  3. Oil-exporting countries commonly experienced declines in the rate of growth of their agricultural sectors .
  4. That would cut their average rates of growth by roughly four percentage points annually during the period adjustment .
  5. As a rough approximation of the rate of income growth per capita, one can subtract the rate of increase in population from the rate of growth in total income .

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