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  1. Rules for the inspection for exportramic , ramic cotton grey yarn
  2. Rbp - j directly interacts with ramic to activate transcription of downstream target genes that prevent cell differentiation . thus , rbp - j is a critical effector molecule in notch signaling pathway
    5dpc胚胎和人的hela细胞cdna文库中筛选到一个可以与rbp - j第四军医大学博士学位论文相互作用的新蛋白kyot
  3. Kyot2 lacked two lim domains from the c terminus and had a frameshift in the last exon , creating the rbp - j - binding region in the c terminus . kyotl had a negligible level of interaction with rbp - j . the binding site of kyot2 on rbp - j overlaps those of ramic and kyot2 repressed the rbp - j mediated transcriptional activation by ramic by competing with them for binding to rbp - j
    在肌肉母细胞系czc12内过表达kyoth时可阻断转录激活物notch胞内区或ebnaz对rbp依赖性启动子的转录激活作用,这种阻断作用呈剂量依赖性,提示kyoth可与notch胞内区或ebnaz竞争rbp j上的结合位点,从而抑制二者的转录激活活性

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