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  • adj.
    (rainier; -iest) 下雨的,常下雨的,多雨的,含雨的;像要下雨的。 a rainy day 雨天;萧条[遭难,穷困]的时候;万一的时候 ( save [lay up] against a rainy day 以备万一,未雨绸缪)。 a rainy season 雨季。 a rainy district 多雨地区。 a rainy street 雨天的湿淋淋街道。
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  1. We happened to arrive there in the rainy season .
  2. The submarine was breaking into rainy night .
  3. Things easily get mildewed in the rainy season ...
  4. It was a beast of a day , bleak , cold , and rainy .
  5. You should put a little money aside for a rainy day .

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