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  • 【体育】滑冰比赛场。
  • racing:    n. 竞赛;赛跑;赛马;赛艇;【机械 ...
  • track:    n. 1.轨迹,轮迹,航迹,痕迹;〔 ...
  • car racing track:    赛车跑道
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  1. Where do you think you are ? on a race track ?
  2. 5 . all forms of gambling e . g . race track operation
    5 、各种形式的赌博,如赛马活动
  3. It has even splurged on a formula 1 race track
    它甚至还不惜代价兴建了一条f - 1赛道。
  4. The new race track is nearly six miles in extent
  5. Where do you think you are ? on a race track
    你认为你现在在哪里?在比赛跑道上吗? 。

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