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rr and r, r & r
1.=rest and recuperation (leave) 【美军】(正常例假以外的)休整假期。
2.rock'n'roll 摇滚舞(曲)。
  • r:     r = 1.refrig ...
  • a r:    简写的; 约略
  • r:     R=80000。 the ...
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  1. The torque i acting on a particle is defined as the cross product of r and the force acting on the particle .
  2. With that rolling r and all that roaring
    .卷着舌头说r ,一字一句咆哮着
  3. Joe literally launched out during his r and r
  4. Evolution of centralization system of u . s . s . r and its inspiration
  5. Tell them we going for a little r and r

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