r and d meaning in Chinese

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R and D,R & D
=research and development 研究与发展。
  • r:     r = 1.refrig ...
  • d:     CD = 400. DC ...
  • drilling r and d:    钻井研究开发
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  1. Therefore , domestic r and d and life - long education must receive ample emphasis
  2. The rajas of outsourcing are taking on r and d and computer - aided engineering
  3. Kevin and joanna are discussing the importance of r and d in relation to the development of the company
  4. Joanna : research and development , without a doubt . without the proper r and d to get a product started , it won ' t go anywhere
  5. Lester : i agree , but remember , our investors may see r and d costs as money spent without the possibility of an immediate return

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