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R and B =rhythm and blues 拍子清楚,节奏简单的布鲁斯乐曲。
  • r:     r = 1.refrig ...
  • b:     a B picture ...
  • b-r:    变换能力
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  1. At liquidsoulradio . com , we spotlight some of the newest talents of neo - soul , r and b , hip - hop and jazz . spotlight
    公众的注意或突出. spotlight ,本意是“聚光灯” ,这里用的同样是比喻意。
  2. Ask usher . the r and b singer , who is starring in his first lead role in " in the mix , " shared his secrets with time magazine
    这位当今美国流行乐界的r and b天王日前在接受时代杂志专访时,介绍了他的约会小秘密。

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