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  • 有人翻做"宽松模式
  • quirk:    n. 1.双关话;遁辞,口实;讥讽话 ...
  • mode:    n. 1.法,样,方法,方式。 2. ...
  • bead and quirks:    圆凹饰
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  1. When the elements are not present , many browsers render using browser - specific rules that vary among browser types which is sometimes referred to as rendering in " quirks mode " , and can therefore result in unpredictable rendering
    如果不存在这些元素,许多浏览器将使用浏览器特定规则来进行呈现,所使用的规则根据浏览器类型的不同而异(有时也称为以“突发模式”呈现) ,因此会导致不可预测的呈现方式。

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