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  • quark:    n. 夸克〔假设的带电核粒子,为已知 ...
  • star:    n. 1.星;【天文学】恒星 (op ...
  • s quark:    s夸克
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  1. Though some ideas of quark stars were proposed as early as in 1969 , no great progress had been made until the 1980s
  2. Such sources are believed to be either quark stars or neutron stars , and a subclass of these are already observed by conventional means as pulsars or x - ray emitting celestial objects
  3. Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by events in our galaxy and throughout universe , such as black hole collisions , shockwaves from the cores of exploding supernovas , and rotating pulsars , neutron stars , and quark stars

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