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  • 夸克凝聚
  • quark:    n. 夸克〔假设的带电核粒子,为已知 ...
  • condensate:    n. 浓缩物;【化学】冷凝物[液]。 ...
  • s quark:    s夸克
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  1. There has been many papers to discuss the in - medium quark and gluon condensates in nuclear matter which use the models with su ( 2 ) l su ( 2 ) r sym - metry . now , we make use of the chiral model su ( 3 ) l su ( 3 ) n including the baryon octet to discuss the quark condensate < qq > in strange matter , where q is an up or down quark field . on the one hand , from the experimetal data , it is found that < qq > vac = - ( 225 25mev ) 3 , on the other hand , with the hellmann - feynman theorem , quark condensate can be evaluated on the hadronic level . in this paper , we will investigate the quark condensate in strange matter with the chiral symmetry su ( 3 ) l x su ( 3 ) rspontaneous breaking lagrangian to obtain the variation of the quark condensate in the strange matter when the baryon number change . it can be applied to understand the neutron stars when the neutron star are considered to be constructed by the strange matter . because nertron stars are homogeneous and at very low temperature , we will use the mean - field approximation and zero temperature throughout this paper
    鉴于已有大量文献讨论了核物质中的夸克凝聚,本文将讨论在奇异物质中的夸克凝聚。而在介质中的夸克凝聚的基本公式可由hellmann - feynman理论导出,所以运用手征对称自发破缺拉氏量以及平均场近似,我们就可以讨论在奇异物质中的夸克凝聚,由所计算的结果表明: ( 1 )奇异物质中的夸克凝聚随奇异物质密度的增大而单调减小。 ( 2 ) -凝聚的出现对衰减率有影响。
  2. In quantum chromodynamics ( qcd ) , vacuum is not trivial , that is , vacuum carry quantum numbers . such a behavior is embodied by non - perturbative con - densates of quarks and gluons . since hadrons are excitations with respect to the vacuum , hadronic properties are ultimately related to properties of the vacuum . based on the vacuum structure , some hadron properties have been described well . in the low energy region , qcd has two very important proper - ties : chiral symmetry spontaneous breaking and confinement , which are closely related to the vacuum characteristics of qcd . much experiments and theoretical studies have shown that chiral symmetry spontaneous breaking is very important to understand the low - energy feature of the strongly interacting physics , and the quark condensates give an expression to chiral symmetry spontaneous breaking . according to goldstone ' s theorem , the goldstone bosons with zero mass will emerge as the chiral symmetry is spontaneously broken . there are two ways : inear and non - linear methods to carry out this constraint . in our paper , we will use the non - linear method
    大量实验和理论研究表明,手征对称自发破缺对于理解低能强相互作用十分重要,而夸克凝聚又是导致手征对称自发破缺的因素。按goldstone理论,伴随手征对称自发破缺应该会有零质量的goldstonebosons产生。而对于这一条件的实现有线性和非线性两种方法本文将用非线性的方法将手征对称自发破缺应用于su ( 3 )模型即重子八重态,得出描述其强相互作用的手征对称自发破缺lagrange密度。

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