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  • vt.
    1.搁,放,安,摆;放进,加入,搀进 (to in)。 put milk to tea 加牛奶在茶里。 put a saddle on a horse 把鞍子放在马上。 put a man in gaol 把人关进牢里。
    2. 使贴近,使接近,使靠近。 put a glass to one's lips 把杯子贴在嘴唇上。 put a cow to a bull 使母牛跟公牛交尾。
    3.装,安。 put a handle to a knife 把刀把+More...
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  1. What dress shall i put on for the party ?
  2. He's going to put me through law school .
  3. I put it in the cupboard or somewhere .
  4. Put on your overcoat. the wind is thrilling .
  5. I asked your father to put his name to a bill .

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