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  • 公共福利事业
  • public welfare:    公安,治安,公共福利。
  • service:    n. 1.服务;工作;公务;职务;事 ...
  • public services:    公共服务; 公共事务处; 共用事业
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  1. Article 3 meteorological service is a basic public welfare service for economic development , napublic welfare meteorological services shall be the first priority in meteorological work . tional defense , social development and people ' s well being
  2. As traditionally a special public welfare service , funeral involves not only civil administrative matters under the state supervision , concerning about the encoffining and the burial of the dead . but also , it is a complex work of social reformation to renovate the funeral traditions , in which several tasks as mind - changing , custom - adapting and service - supervising are included

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