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  • public:    adj. (opp. private ...
  • accountant:    n. 会计员,账房,出纳。 acco ...
  • firm:    n. 1.商号,商行;公司。 2.工 ...
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  1. A tax inspector was jailed for 14 months for accepting 10 , 000 from a former tax inspector without permission , and offering 5 , 000 to an employee of an industrial company for referring a public accountant firm
  2. Is a professional certified public accountants firm registered under no . s80 of the hong kong institute of certified public accountants hkicpa . as a team of accounting and finance experts , we aim at
  3. He is the managing partner of nexia charles mar fan co . ncmf , a certified public accountants firm established 56 years ago . ncmf is a member of nexia international , and ranks among the top 12 audit and accounting firms in the world
  4. According to the analysis of present circumstance and problem about the service market of certified public accountants , based on the tools of service marketing theory , combined with the character of certified public accountants industry , this paper provides general marketing strategies for certified public accountants firms , including market orientation strategy , product strategy , price strategy , promotion strategy , human resource strategy , service process strategy and physical evidence strategy

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